The Health Foundation Covid-19 survey

The Health Foundation commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a representative poll of the general public in Great Britain to understand opinion on a range of issues. A report has now been published and looks at topics including:

• Experience of using NHS services during the pandemic and perceptions as to how services are managing;
• The impact of Coronavirus on people’s health and wellbeing, including mental health; • Levels of support or opposition to the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic;
• Attitudes towards a potential smartphone app to ‘track and trace’ Coronavirus outbreaks; and
• Trust towards certain professional groups, including those working in health and social care.

The survey was conducted by telephone on the Ipsos MORI CATI Omnibus survey, a weekly telephone omnibus survey of a representative sample of people aged 18 and over in Great Britain. Fieldwork took place between 1 and 10 May 2020.  A total of 1983 people were interviewed. Quotas were set on age, gender, government office region and working status. Data has been weighted to the known offline population proportions for age within gender, government office region and working status and social grade. Throughout the report findings will highlight, and make reference to, different sub-groups based on responses to certain questions. When interpreting the survey findings, it is important to remember that the results are based on a sample of the population, not the entire population.  Consequently, results are subject to margins of error, and not all differences between sub-groups are statisticallysignificant (i.e. a real difference).

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