Survey: health & care experiences during Covid-19

If you have contacted (or tried to contact) health and care services during the Covid-19 outbreak, please fill in this survey. Whatever your experience, your views are wanted.

Developed in partnership across Calderdale, between Healthwatch, Calderdale CCG, Calderdale Council and VCS organisations, the survey is seeking to gather the views of as many people in the borough as possible about their experiences of health services during the pandemic.

NHS and care services have had to quickly change the way they work and deliver services in response to COVID-19. Whilst NHS and care staff are doing everything they can to keep us well during this crisis, there might be things that can be improved. There might also be positive changes to your care.

By filling in the survey, you can enable services to understand how you feel about the changes made to health and care services, the issues that are affecting care for you.

We want to ensure that the positives in the NHS and social care during the Covid-19 outbreak don’t get lost and the negatives don’t become the norm.

This survey will be open until 28th August 2020.