PUB QUIZ 7 (Nature) – Have a Go!

Pub quizzes are all the rage at the moment as the nation looks to occupy itself and here at Disability Partnership Calderdale, we’re hooked. Here’s our latest quiz, which is entirely nature based. There are no prizes – why not play with a relative or friend you are living with, or over the phone with someone you’re keeping in touch with?
The questions are below with the answers further down the page (please scroll down after the last question)

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Nature Questions

1 What is the national animal of Canada?
2 What is the national animal of Albania?
3 Which dog used to be sacred in China?
4 Urticaria is a skin disease otherwise known as what?
5 What kind of animal is the largest living creature on Earth
6 What is the scientific name for the study of fossils?
7 Which southern hemisphere bird can swim but cannot fly?
8 What insect is the preferred prey of dragonflies?
9 Which common species of UK Owl was introduced by man?
10 Which parasitic insect cannot fly, but can jump higher than 30 cm?
11 What is the name of the European Bison?
12 What UK freshwater fish with snake-like body breeds in the Sargasso Sea?
13 In which city is the oldest zoo in the world?
14 After which animals are the Canary Islands named?
15 Which plant’s leaf features in the Canadian flag?
16 Which hemisphere do penguins and albatrosses exclusively breed in?
17 Which is the largest species of the tiger?
18 The bite of which insect causes the Lyme Disease?
19 Which mammal spends most of its active life suspended upside down from trees?
20 Which of these is not a native bird of the UK? Turnstone; Roller; Tree Creeper; Crested Tit; Dartford Warbler
21 Which is the UK’s only venomous snake?
22 Which fish-eating bird of prey returned to breed in the UK in the 1950s?
23 Which of these mammals is not a mustelid? Fox, Badger, Otter, Pine Martin, Stoat
24 What is the UK’s largest wild land mammal?
25 Which is the UK’s smallest Falcon species?

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Nature Answers

1 North American beaver
2 Golden eagle
3 Pekingese
4 Hives
5 Blue Whale
6 Paleontology
7 Penguin
8 Mosquitoes
9 Little Owl
10 Fleas
11 Wisent
12 The Eel
13 Vienna
14 Dogs
15 Maple
16 Southern Hemisphere
17 Siberian tiger
18 Deer Tick
19 Sloth
20 Roller
21 Adder
22 Osprey
23 Fox
24 Red Deer
25 Merlin