Support Bubbles – Advice For People Who Are Shielding

The Government’s new Support Bubble advice includes some very important exceptions, particularly if you are shielding or have particular medical or workplace issues.

If You Are Shielding

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding), the Government have said that “Unfortunately, we cannot advise anyone who is shielding to form a household bubble at this stage. However, we know how hard it is for people who are shielding and have been keeping this advice under close review. We will be setting out further advice for this specific group next week, now that the peak of the pandemic is past. Those who are shielding are still advised to maintain strict social distancing and stay 2 metres apart from others – including those they live with.”

If you are clinically vulnerable or have a higher risk of catching coronavirus (such as a frontline healthcare worker)

If you are clinically vulnerable, you should continue to take particular care to minimise contact with others. You should bear this in mind when deciding to form a support bubble. If you are at a higher risk of exposure to those with coronavirus (for example, if someone in your house is a healthcare or care worker that interacts with patients that have coronavirus), you should take particular care when deciding whether to form a support bubble and who with.