Learning Disabilities Newsletter

Here’s a download of the latest Learning Disabilities Partnership Board Update.

The introduction sets the scene:

We hope you are all keeping ok under the current circumstances. As with a lot of other things we have moved to a remote way of working as we are currently unable to meet face to face. We are trying to utilise technology wherever possible but realise that this is a barrier for some people.

A Partnership Board should have been held on the 7 th May 2020 and we consulted with members about facilitating a zoom call. From members who responded it was agreed that it was not necessary and feasible at that time to arrange a zoom call, but that information and updates would be shared through e-mail or post to all members.

We are aware that the minutes from the Partnership Board meeting held on the 5 th March have not been circulated. These are currently in the Lead the Way office which is not being accessed at present. We will circulate these at the earliest opportunity and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Just a reminder that Lead the Way and Calderdale Self Advocacy Network are still working, and Lead the Way are still taking 1:1 referrals, so please get in touch if you require any support.

Information that we are sharing as part of this update includes Scams, Calderdale Self Advocacy Network update, Lead the Way update and also some questions that have come through Lead the Way or the Partnership Board.