Lockdown Rules: A Quick FAQ Guide

Here we explain what the new lockdown rules, which came into force on Monday 1 June, mean for you.  What you can and can’t do now restrictions have been eased.

See Government guidance.

Q: How many people can I meet outside the home?
A: Up to six people from six different households can now meet outside the home.

Q: Can I meet parents or children that I don’t live with?
A: Yes – as long as they are not in the “shielding” category and you meet outside and not indoors.

Q: I am over 70 but not “shielding” – can I meet younger family members?
A: Yes – you can meet up as long as you take extra care with social distancing, hand washing and avoiding touching hard surfaces where the virus can linger.

Q: Is it safe to meet in gardens?
A: Yes.  Outdoor spaces include private gardens, parks and other places outdoors.

Q: Has the social distancing guidance changed?
A: No.  You should still stay 2 metres from the people you meet, apart from the people you already live with.

Q: Can I visit people in their home?
A: No.  You must stay outside

Q: What about going inside the house to get to the garden?
A: This is ok as long as you do not linger in the home or touch surfaces with your hands.  If you have to touch the doors, then they should be cleaned afterwards.

Q: Can I use the toilet at someone else’s house?
A: If you use the toilet, then you must ensure you wash your hands afterwards, user paper towels to dry your hands and ideally to turn on taps etc.  You should use paper towels to open doors and touch any surfaces which you come into contact with.  If this happens, the surfaces should be cleaned down after use.

Q: Can I go inside the house?
A: No.  If it rains or the weather is unsuitable, then you still cannot go inside the house.

Q: Can I now play sport with other people?
A: Yes as long as it is outside and with no more than five other people.  So groups of six can now play tennis, golf etc.  Outside exercise classes with up to six people can take place too.  Sport and exercise must still observe social distancing rules – with people staying 2 metres apart at all times.

Q: What about those being shielded?
A: If you have been designated extremely clinically vulnerable (known as shielding), then you can now leave the house, for example to take a walk.  However you should not meet more than one other person and should continue to take great care, social distancing from people outside.

See the Government guidance on shielding here.

Q: Can I hug or touch hands with my relatives?
A: No.  You can only make physical contact with people you already live with.

Q: How many people can meet a family of four?
A: It is still a maximum of six people meeting up, even if four are from the same household.  You can only be in a group of more than six, if this is the size of your family or household.  This means you cannot all meet other people together.

Q: Is there a limit to how far I can travel to meet family?
A: No – but you must not stay overnight.

See the Government guidance here.