Stay Alert – A Personal View From Disability Partnership Calderdale

The Trustees of Disability Partnership Calderdale met earlier this week via the zoom video conferencing app and one of the topics they discussed was the easing of lockdown and their perceptions of the ongoing risks to people with disabilities.

All our trustees have held positions of responsibility in local government, local authority services, volunteer groups or other key service and support providers. They have all followed the Coronavirus epidemic closely, with a personal interest (their own disabilities making them vulnerable), but also with a keen interest on behalf of Disability Partnership Calderdale‘s many members and the disabled community as a whole.

The Worst May Be Over – But Please Stay Safe!

The trustees are collectively relieved to see the peak of the pandemic passing in England. But they all shared a concern that this might lead to complacency or a false sense of security amongst people still extremely vulnerable to the virus. In particular, they all felt it was important to highlight the fact that, although Calderdale’s statistics show a relatively low rate of infections in the area, the surrounding areas, including Kirklees, Bradford and Oldham and Yorkshire and Lancashire as a whole, have all still got high rates of infection.

The trustees’ message to all our members and people from the disabled community in general, is that they should continue to be wary of infection and to continue to practice all the key elements of social distancing, self-isolation, hygiene, limiting interaction with other people and avoiding travel to a level consistent with their own personal vulnerabilities. The peak may have passed, but the risks remain high for vulnerable people, at least for the short-term.

We want everyone to stay safe and stay alert.