New Scientist COVID-19 FAQ

The New Scientist magazine has compiled a broad COVID-19 FAQ based on questions submitted by its readers – if you want to know the answers to any or all the questions below, visit the New Scientist website (an excellent place to visit anyway!!).

  • Why do people without underlying health conditions get seriously ill from covid-19?
  • Are you protected if you have been infected by a different coronavirus?
  • Do people who survive covid-19 become immune to the virus?
  • Can vitamin D supplements improve our immune response to covid-19?
  • Will social distancing measures have an effect on other infections, like flu and measles?
  • What is the risk of catching the virus from fresh produce?
  • Are toilets and sewage systems an infection risk?
  • What is more likely – a successful vaccine, or an effective drug?
  • Could antibodies from recovered patients be used as a treatment for covid-19?
  • Will countries that successfully contain the virus refuse visitors from countries that don’t?
  • Will covid-19 always be with us or can it be eradicated?