The UK government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy

Our plan to rebuild: the UK government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy

This is the Government’s recently published document that describes the progress the UK has made to date in tackling the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, and sets out the plans for moving to the next phase of its response to the virus. It’s an important document which gives a lot of the detail that is missing from shorter briefings on the subject. On that basis alone, it’s worth reading, if you have an interest in the bigger picture.

Read the full document on the Government website.

The Document’s contents are as follows:

1. The current situation
2. Our aims: saving lives; saving livelihoods
3. Our approach: a phased recovery
4. Our roadmap to lift restrictions step-by-step
5. Fourteen supporting programmes
6. How you can help
7. Annex A: Staying safe outside your home
8. Annex B: Summary table: COVID-19 vulnerable groups

Read the full document on the Government website.


Here’s a small excerpt:

Our aims: saving lives; saving livelihoods

The Government’s aim has been to save lives. This continues to be the overriding priority at the heart of this plan.

The Government must also seek to minimise the other harms it knows the current restrictive measures are causing – to people’s wellbeing, livelihoods, and wider health. But there is a risk that if the Government rushes to reverse these measures, it would trigger a second outbreak that could overwhelm the NHS. So the UK must adapt to a new reality – one where society can return to normal as far as possible; where children can go to school, families can see one another and livelihoods can be protected, while also continuing to protect against the spread of the disease.

Therefore the Government’s aim at the centre of this plan is to:

return to life as close to normal as possible, for as many people as possible, as fast and fairly as possible….

…in a way that avoids a new epidemic, minimises lives lost and maximises health, economic and social outcomes.

To do this, the Government will need to steadily redesign the current social distancing measures with new, smarter measures that reflect the level of risk at that point in time, and carefully wind down economic support schemes while people are eased back into work. The Government will do this by considering three main factors.