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The Disability Horizons newsletter always has a good mix of interesting and topical reading. Here’s their latest edition!

5 things I want everyone to know about living with a disability
Blogger Rebecca Sullivan, who has cerebral palsy, uses her writing to express her experiences of living with a disability, and educate others. Here, she details 5 things she wishes everyone knew about being disabled, including how every disabled person is different and that asking questions is okay.

Disabled actor David Proud on moving from acting to directing
Actor David Proud, who became famous for his role as the first regular disabled character in Eastenders, has made the move to directing. He tells us about why he changed direction in his career, and about his latest short film, which examines the issue of non-disabled actors playing disabled characters.

5 tips to help you work from home for employees or employers
Covid-19 has seen so many more people working from home, something many disabled people have done for years. Victoria Clutton, who as chronic fatigue syndrome, explains why flexible and remote working are so beneficial, and shares 5 tips to help make working from home efficient, whether you’re an employee or employer.

How I’m keeping healthy and happy during the Covid-19 lockdown
Writer and Disability Horizons’ team member Zubee has found the lockdown hard, particularly with regards to keeping busy and exercising, which is vital for ensuring her muscles stay supple because of her cerebral palsy. Find out what she’s doing to keep herself not only occupied, but happy and as healthy as she can be during this outbreak.

Covid-19 advice – no matter what your situation or struggles
Over the last month, we’ve been putting together lots of articles to help you through this tricky time. If you’re missed any, don’t forget to take a look: shopping safely during the Covid-19 outbreak, getting help during isolation, 7 ways to boost your mental wellbeing and 6 ways to stay healthy and fit.

Buy personal protective equipment (PPE) on the Disability Horizons Shop
We know that lots of disabled people have found it difficult to find and buy PPE. That’s why we are thrilled to be able to sell PPE on the Disability Horizons Shop, including dispopsable masks, plastic aprons, gloves, 70% alcohol hand sanitiser as well as signs to help remind people to stay away.


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