Scams – Spotting Suspicious Emails & What to Do

We have all had a dodgy looking email that we have either placed in the trash or reported back to individual sites. Well did you know there is a bespoke reporting service for all suspicious emails that we are encouraging you to use, the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (Sers).

As well as taking down malicious sites it will provide live time analysis of reports, identify new patterns in online offending and help the police stop even more offenders in their tracks.

So report your suspicious emails to

Don’t click, report it, protect yourselves.

Follow these Cyber Tips

1. Create a strong seperate password for your email.
2. Create a strong password using three random words or the letters to a well known phrase (make it stronger with special characters)
3. Save your passwords in your browser, or use an online password vault – it’s safer than using the same password.
4. Turn on two-factor authentification (2FA) if offered, especially with banks. A couple of extra seconds may stop you becoming the next online victim.
5. Update you devices regulary, set them to ‘automatic update’.
6. Turn on backup, an external backup drive is a great place to start.