COVID-19 Health & Wellbeing Resources for Families

Healthy Futures Calderdale have produced a really useful document full of COVID-19 health and wellbeing resources for families

Helping children and young people cope with the information and changes related to the Coronavirus can be a huge challenge.  From school closures and social distancing to increased awareness of infection and hygiene, there is a lot for children and families to process.

A new downloadable guide brings together trustworthy information and resources to support you and your family during these difficult times.  

The guide is divided into sections:

  • Local Health and Wellbeing Support
  • Staying well at home and what to do if your child is unwell
  • Responding to children and young people’s anxiety about COVID 19
  • Bereavement support for children and young people during COVID 19
  • Looking after parent and carer wellbeing during COVID 19
  • Staying safe online during COVID 19
  • Support for children and young people with additional needs
  • Things to do while staying at home during COVID 19

Download Guide