CREW: Update From Cardiac Rehab Organisation

Update from Edwin Birks, Chairman of CREW

I want to assure you, our members, that the Trustees are working very hard in these difficult times for the future of CREW HSG.

Four months into 2020 and we have lost the two most hard-working members we have ever had, in Tony Gregson and now John Tudor. Neither can be replaced, for their total commitment, their knowledge, support and friendship to you our members and our Charity.

We appointed Sophie, only a few weeks ago to be our new secretary, she has taken on the full responsibilities and has been working very hard bringing everything up to date, so we can move forward.

Obviously Covid-19 came like a bolt upon us and stopped everything we do, the exercise classes and all the walking groups, so we had to put in place things we had already been discussing. Sophie and Eve started an online exercise class, which all members can join. The feedback already has been very positive, with some members already asking if this can continue in the future.

We have already started the process of applying for future grants, we have many ideas in the pipeline with regards to providing exercise classes for the wider community. Sophie and her colleagues will be working together to provide this.

Our dedicated group of walk leaders are on hand, once we are allowed, to continue the walks; I am sure our large band of walkers can’t wait to get back out there, with their many friends and in all weathers.

The day will come when we can all meet again and get back to ‘normal’, until then the Trustees will make sure that CREW HSG remains strong, forward thinking and at all times keeping you the members informed.

CREW Exercise 
If you wish to continue exercising we have 2 of our instructors that have created a Facebook community. The com
munity holds a library of exercises and routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home, from chair exercise, Pilates, Yoga and Keep fit.
The cost of this is £20 per month for unlimited access and support. If this is something you are interested in please visit
or you can join the facebook community on the link below
Exercise 4 Everyone also offer exercise sessions that you buy once and keep a lifetime.
Feel free to call Sophie if you fancy a chat or any support on 07982728548.