Money handling guidance for volunteers

The following money handling guidance has been issued by Calderdale Council. It has been developed to ensure we all stay safe and to help us minimise the risk of exploitation during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to say that each situation will be unique and that this guidance has been developed as a starting point and to give volunteers/Coronavirus groups some options.

This guidance is based on best practice from around the country, it will be updated regularly and should be used in conjunction with other guidance about safe volunteering, how to avoid scams and social distancing.

Option 1 – Delivery direct to the customer

An online or telephone order is placed and the shop delivers directly to the recipient.

Option 2 – Collected and delivered by a volunteer

An online or telephone order is placed and a nominated volunteer collects and delivers the shopping to the recipient. Some shops may have the facility for recipients to pay over the phone prior to the shop.

  • Assistance required: Volunteer

Option 3 – Payment by cheque

A nominated volunteer will do the shopping, pay using the recipient’s cheque and deliver. If possible the recipient should contact the shop prior so they know the exact amount.

  • Assistance required: Volunteer

Option 4 – Third party payment (community group)

The volunteer purchases the shopping, the expenses are reimbursed by the nominated community group and the volunteer delivers the shopping to the recipient.

  • Assistance required: – Third party (usually a community group)  and a volunteer

Option 5 – Supermarket Vouchers

The voucher is bought online and printed so the volunteer can purchase shopping with the voucher. Please note each shop may have a different system for this process.

  • Assistance required: Volunteer

Option 6 – Volunteer pays and the recipient reimburses the volunteer directly

Note: This is not recommended but may be necessary in some cases.

Volunteer pays for the shopping, delivers the shopping with the receipts to the recipient and they will reimburse the volunteer directly.

  • Assistance required: Volunteer