Overgate’s “Hear For You” Emotional Support Line

HEAR FOR YOU a Coronavirus support phone line has been launched by Overgate Hospice to provide emotional support in Calderdale to:-

  • Relatives of patients being cared-for in any health or social care facility in relation to COVID-19.
  • Relatives of patients who may be cared for at the Nightingale Ward in Harrogate.
  • All relatives of end-of-life patients.
  • Bereaved relatives who can only attend funerals at the crematorium or burial in restricted numbers.
  • Any health professional providing a frontline services in response to COVID-19.

The HEAR FOR YOU phone line 01422 378 172 will operate between 10am and 6pm, 7 days a week, to provide a listening ear to support those in need in relation to Covid-19. Anyone who requires further help will be signposted to other services ranging from practical and financial assistance through to specialist bereavement, spiritual and psychological support.

Jet Hardinge, Overgate Hospice Psychotherapist/Counselling Coordinator, Co-leader of the service says, “Covid-19 is having a huge impact on all our lives: loneliness and isolation – arising from the loss of freedom due to the impact of the lockdown restrictions; fear – when someone close become ill; helplessness – when loved ones receive hospital care and normal visiting is prohibited; intense grief – magnified by the current limitations surrounding attendance at funerals; immense stress and strain being experienced daily by our front-line health care professionals. HEAR FOR YOU offers people a confidential space to talk about that impact and emotional support when individuals need it the most.”