GP’s & Hospitals Remain Open For Non-COVID Patients

Another timely reminder that there are concerns that people are not contacting their GP or other NHS services with health issues unrelated to COVID-19. This may be because they’re worried about catching coronavirus if they are asked to attend the GP or hospital, or they think NHS  workers are too busy dealing with the pandemic and they don’t want to bother them.

It is important to present early with certain illnesses to get treatment quickly and increase the chance of making a full recovery. If you or someone you know has symptoms that could be cancer, such as a lump in the breast, changes to your bowel habit or sudden unexplained weight loss, you should contact your GP practice by telephone. Your GP will decide if you need to be seen and will make the arrangements.

If you or someone you know has chest pains or symptoms of stroke, or if a child or baby you are caring for seems poorly, please make sure you attend the hospital A&E as normal to get the help required. If you aren’t sure if it is an emergency you can contact NHS 111 for an assessment.