How Calderdale Council Are Contacting Vulnerable People

A look at what the Council are doing to identify and support Calderdale’s most vulnerable people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

People without internet/ computer access
CMBC posted a leaflet that showed a phone number to call, that has gone to ALL households in Calderdale. The number 01422 392890 goes to a specific line, designated for Covid19 support, hoisted by Gateway to Care (G2C). This number is in addition to the usual G2C number, which is still fully operational and as busy as ever.

Social Care & Volunteer Hubs.  
The new Volunteer Hub system, set up by the Council specifically to deal with support requests, is contactable via a Single Point of Contact, on 01422 392890 or via an online form. In the first week and a half, they had received 360 new self-referrals from people calling the number. The ‘Volunteer Hubs’ have now 620 registered volunteers across the Calderdale area.

Contacting Vulnerable People – List 1 (National Shield List)
At the end of March, Calderdale Council received The Government’s ‘National Shield List’ . This list only contained names of 150 people who are resident in Calderdale. CMBC have contacted all 150 and half of them indicated that they needed support. This is only ‘low level’ support, such as food deliveries.

Contacting Vulnerable People – List 2 (From NHS Direct)
There is a Second list, which was received from NHS Direct. This list contains 1300 names. The list contains people who have various medical conditions and are given a number of ‘flags’ depending on the number of conditions they have. E.G – One Condition = 1 Flag, 2 Conditions = 2 flags etc. This list has been cross referenced against the original list of 150 from Gov, plus also sifted against the list already known to Adults Social Care Hub List of ‘Self referrals’. All 1300 should by now have been contacted.

Contacting Vulnerable People – List 3(From GPs and Calderdale NHS/CCG)
There is a Third List, from Calderdale NHS, which contains 3600 names and is growing all the time. This is people who are on hospital consultants’ lists, or who may have contacted their GP asking for support. This list of 3600 names is currently being cross-referenced against the other two lists (150 and 1300), and then anyone who hasn’t already been contacted, will be contacted once the 1st and 2nd lists of people have all been contacted.

In addition to these lists – The Central Government has now extended its criteria for the ‘National Shield List’, which will result in more names coming through – again these will be cross referenced against the names that CMBC already has. In addition to the above- GP’s are now being asked to collate their own lists via surgeries, and again all these names will be sent directly to CMBC, and the numbers continue to grow.

Request Support from Calderdale Council (if you are vulnerable and isolating and need help with shopping etc)