PUB QUIZ – 4 – Have a Go!

Pub quizzes are all the rage at the moment as the nation looks to occupy itself and here at Disability Partnership Calderdale, we have a master of the art of compiling pub quizzes, Malcolm Kielty MBE. Malcolm has kindly agreed to provide a quiz every week for the duration and here’s the fourth. There are no prizes – why not play with a relative or friend you are living with, or over the phone with someone you’re keeping in touch with?
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The Disability Partnership Calderdale PUB QUIZ – 4


  1. Which ancestor of Noah is also the name of an oversized Champagne bottle that
    holds six litres?
  2. Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not set foot on the moon?
  3. FC Liverpool’s signature song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ stems from which
  4. Which cocktail, named after a city, was invented by the Raffles Hotel barkeeper
    Ngiam Tong Boon in 1915?
  5. Spats Columbo is the bad guy in which popular black and white film?
  6. Which James Bond theme song that starts with the words “Meeting you” was the
    only 007 theme song to reach number one in the US charts?
  7. Which national team introduced ‘Total Football’ at the 1974 FIFA World Cup in
  8. According to legend, which man rode horses named Llamrei, Hengroen and
  9. What is the Greek word for fire?
  10. The rule of thumb or principle telling us that the simplest explanation is more
    likely the correct one is known as Occam’s what?
  11. In in which US state did the Battle of Little Big Horn take place?
  12. Which British fashion designer does one associate with the invention of the mini
    skirt and hot pants?
  13. The United States of America has formally declared war on five different
    occasions against ten countries. Can you name the first three countries? One point
    for each correct answer.
  14. What kind of orange is used to flavour Earl Grey tea?
  15. Which 2007 film, the third in a series, was the most expensive Hollywood film
    ever made?
  16. Who had a top ten hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1972 with the song ‘Back
    off Boogaloo’?
  17. Which famous phrase stems from the doomed troops on board the sinking ship
    HMS Birkenhead?
  18. What was the name of Sonny Crockett’s pet alligator in the cult TV series Miami
  19. Billy Bishop, Roland Garros, Mick Mannock and Eddie Rickenbacker are all
    examples of what?
  20. The ghost town Pripyat is found in which country?
  21. In which five cities are the busiest airports in Europe located? (based on the
    total number of passengers each year) One point for each correct answer.
  22. Mariposa, Motyl, Farfalla, Borboleta, Papillon and Sommerfugl are all European
    words for what?

Answers below – please scroll down page:



















2.Michael Collins
3.Rogers and Hammerstein’s ‘Carousel’
4.Singapore Sling
5.Some Like It Hot
6.A View To A Kill (Duran Duran)
8.King Arthur
10.Occam’s Razor
12.Mary Quant
13.Great Britain (1812), Mexico (1846) and Spain (1898)
14.Bergamot Orange
15.Pirates of the Caribbean, At the worlds end.
16.Ringo Starr
17.”Women and children first”
19.World War One flying aces
20.Ukraine (Pripyat was built to house the Chernobyl nuclear power plant workers)
21.Five answers: London (Heathrow), Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Frankfurt, Madrid
(Barajas) and Amsterdam (Schiphol)
22.Butterfly, Mariposa (Spanish), Motyl (Polish), Farfalla (Italian), Borboleta
(Portugese), Papillon (French), Sommerfugl (Danish)