Don’t be afraid of accessing medical care!


The BBC has reported fewer people accessing medical care than expected due to fear of coronavirus.  Some doctors have expressed concerns that people who may be experiencing cancer type symptoms or possibly suffering a suspected heart attack or stroke are avoiding hospital at this difficult time. 

Yet our Calderdale and Huddersfield hospitals are extremely well prepared and the number of coronavirus cases in Calderdale remains relatively low, with just 140 confirmed.   Despite the media headlines, this is small compared to the 119,000 in-patients cared for by our NHS Trust each year.

At Calderdale Royal Hospital, as in all major hospitals, coronavirus patients are quickly isolated and strict procedures are in place for dealing with other patients and their visitors or helpers.

As well as the NHS 111 service, video appointments are in use and telephone, text and online booking options for outpatient appointments are available.

Don’t ignore your health needs at this critical time, and don’t let fear of this virus prevent you from seeking out treatment or a professional opinion on your condition – just as you would have done in the past.

Find out how to access GP and NHS services during the pandemic here.