Survey: Your benefits experiences during Covid-19

The House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee wants to hear your experiences of the benefits system during the Coronavirus outbreak.
The Big Issue 
The Work and Pensions Committee wants to hear how the Coronavirus is affecting people who need to rely on the benefits system. The Committee is interested in hearing the experiences of people:

  • Who are claiming benefits for the first time
  • Who were already claiming benefits
  • Who need support but find they can’t claim

As well as hearing from people with personal experience the Committee is keen to hear from organisations who have relevant experience.

How can you help? 
Complete the online survey

If you have personal experience of the benefits system, or you’ve needed support but couldn’t make a claim, complete the online survey. The survey closes on Wednesday 15 April.

Submit written evidence

If you’re responding on behalf of an organisation, or you’re an individual who wants to provide more information, you can send a written submission.  A full list of questions the Committee is interested in can be found on the Work and Pensions Committee website. You don’t have to answer all the questions and you can tell the Committee anything relevant, even if it isn’t covered by one of the questions.
The Committee is considering questions such as:

  • How well is the Universal Credit system working for the unprecedented numbers of new claimants?
  • Has there been any improvement in the significant delays that new UC claimants were experiencing in the second half of March?
  • How well is the benefits system working for self-employed people who can’t access the Government’s Self-employment Income Support Scheme?
  • How easy is it for people to understand what they’re entitled to claim?

Deadline for submission is 11am on Thursday 16 April.