Advice & Support For Carers

Links: Council Info / Government Info / NHS Info / Food Delivery Directory

Please see below a number of links which provide information and advice around support that is available for carers and the people they care for:

1. Carers UK are regularly updating their advice and guidance for carers

2. Carers UK also host an online forum and there is a section specifically on coronavirus where carers are sharing ideas and concerns – people need to join the forum to post a comment but it is easy to do so

3. Digital Resource for Carers is available free to all carers in Calderdale – the resource includes online guides, online ‘building resilience’ training and the Jointly App (more details here: ) – carers need to create an account to access the resources which you can do visiting and using the free access code DGTL7421.

4. UK and NHS.UK regularly update advice and guidance for everyone

5. Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable is available at

Updated guidance on supporting mental health and wellbeing including an easy read version is available here