Deafblind UK launches new wellbeing and emotional support service

Deafblind UK has launched a new wellbeing and emotional support service to provide in depth assistance to people with sight and hearing loss.

The new service is free of charge and will enable people who are deafblind to talk to someone who is trained and experienced in Deafblind awareness, active listening, call handling, communication support, safeguarding, signposting, suicide and mental health issues. The service will be available via telephone, email, text, text relay, Skype and FaceTime.

It will be run in addition to Deafblind UK’s helpline (formerly the Information and Advice Line). Head of National Services, Clare Watson said: “Through our wellbeing service, we aim to give people more in depth support than we would do through the helpline. People will be able to benefit from an intensive care package to support them through particularly difficult times, such as coming to terms with a new diagnosis.”

The new service will also include weekly calls to offer some social interaction to those who are on Deafblind UK’s befriending service waiting list; virtual social groups whereby people can get together online or on a group call to interact and socialise; birthday and Christmas cards/calls; and a buddy system whereby people can interact with each other on a one to one basis.

Deafblind UK is a national charity that supports people with sight and hearing loss. CEO Steve Conway said: “Deafblindness can be really difficult to live with. Not only can it be physically tiring when you are trying to communicate and get by in a world that is designed for sighted hearing people, but evidence suggests that deafblindness can have a big effect on mental health too. As a result, many people feel isolated, lonely and generally very low. Our new service aims to support people who find themselves at low points and to let them know that they are not alone.”

The new wellbeing service can be accessed in the following ways:

Tel: 0800 132320

Text: 07950 008870

Text relay: Text relay: 18001 then 0800 132320

Facetime: (Not BSL)

For more information, visit