Pub Quiz #2 – Have a Go

Pub quizzes are all the rage at the moment as the nation looks to occupy itself and here at Disability Partnership Calderdale, we have a master of the art of compiling pub quizzes, Malcolm Kielty MBE. Malcolm has kindly agreed to provide a quiz every week for the duration and here’s the first.
There are no prizes – why not play with a relative or friend you are living with, or over the phone with someone you’re keeping in touch with?
Answers at the foot of the page

The Disability Partnership Calderdale PUB QUIZ – 2

1. What was the first name of the Spanish artist Dali?
2. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in which European mountain range?
3. How many days are there in February in a leap year?
4. Which mode of transport has parts called an envelope, burner and basket?
5. If something is done in a clandestine way, how is it done?
6. Give the four initials of the organisation responsible for maintaining a database of
drivers in Great Britain?
7. In the Second World War what was the German equivalent of the RAF?
8. Which dance move, in which the dancer moves backwards, was made popular by
Michael Jackson?
9. Which large animal's name comes from the ancient Greek words for "river horse"?
10. What's the name of the historical embroidered long cloth which depicts events
leading up to the Battle of Hastings?
11. What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag?
12. If a letter of the alphabet is not a vowel, what must it be instead?
13. What was originally considered to be the ninth planet from the Sun but after 1992
had its status as a large planet changed?
14. How many teeth does an adult have?
15. Which 13th-century Scottish warrior was played by Mel Gibson in the film
16. Not including jokers, how many cards are there in a complete pack of playing cards?
17. Which sport is played on a lawn and involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a
mallet through hoops?
18. By which three letter abbreviation do we better know the name given to the genetic
instructions of all known living organisms?
19. Name the only American president to resign from office?
20. Which gas is balloon gas, which is used to fill party balloons that float in the air?


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1. Salvador
2. The Alps
3. 29
4. A hot air balloon
5. Secretively
7. Luftwaffe
8. Moonwalk
9. Hippopotamus
10. Bayeux Tapestry
11. Red
12. A consonant
13. Pluto
14. 32
15. William Wallace
16. 52
17. Croquet
18. DNA
19. President Nixon
20. Helium