Government Food Parcel System Launched

Food parcels

The Government has announced that 50,000 free food parcels will be delivered to people across the country who are at the highest risk from COVID-19. This is the first set of planned deliveries, and depending on demand, hundreds of thousands of packages could be delivered each week.

The packages contain essential food and household items such as pasta, fruit, tinned goods and toilet rolls. They will go to those who have been advised by the NHS that they need to stay at home for 12 weeks to be shielded from the virus, and have no support network of family or friends to help them. 1.5 million people received advice from the NHS that they were extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. Although many of these people have help from family and friends, the food parcels are there to support those who don’t.

The Council is arranging the safe delivery of the packages in Calderdale, in partnership with community organisations.

People who don’t qualify for a food parcel but still need support with food are encouraged to approach their local food bank.