Disability Horizons – Disability Covid-19 Guide

A practical guide to covid-19 if you’re disabled

To ensure you have the right information to help you and your family stay healthy and happy during the coronavirus outbreak – and to avoid being overwhelmed by the unrelenting news – Disability Horizons have collated a range of practical advice you can rely on. 

Their coronavirus article covers the following:

  • How coronavirus spreads
  • Using PAs/carers
  • Who is at ‘high risk’ with coronavirus
  • Coronavirus symptoms
  • How to deal with the virus and when to get help
  • When to self-isolate
  • How to self-isolate
  • Your working rights
  • Coronavirus cases where you live
  • Shopping during the outbreak

They’re going to be updating the article as things develop, government advice changes and new information becomes available.