Blog: Something Amazing Happened

Community spirit is making a comeback – here’s a short blog from one of our members looking which might raise you spirits at this difficult time – And there’s a great practical tip in there too – WhatsApp is a great way to build a quick community on your smartphones. It’s probably the most used communications app at the moment and great way to keep in touch with your neighbours, as well as ask for help from someone close at hand. for people further away, it’s also got a very good video function, allowing you to share “facetime” with friends and family.

Something Amazing Happened!

Today something amazing is happening…my whole street coming together on WhatsApp…planning help with home schooling, daily walkabouts with children and more…also ambition for a Jo Cox together event when this is all over.. I have invited group to visit my allotment…frogspawn in pond, rhubarb to pick and seed setting…also beautiful views of Castle hill and Emley moor….

Wondering if we can do online pilates sessions or other imaginative activities…we have a range of talents on my street..Storyteller…podiatrist..teacher…, ex army…all sorts we have…!!
This street has come together this week….very positive…!