Inspirational Stories From Disability Horizons

From cruises to hotels – travelling alone with a disability can be possible

If you have a disability, travelling can seem daunting, especially abroad. But it doesn’t have to be. Simon Stevens, who has a range of impairments, is a disability activist, consultant, trainer, researcher and writer. Although he uses personal assistants in his day-to-day life, he regularly travels alone. Read about Simon’s experiences on the Disability Horizons’ website. including a recent Caribbean cruise, to see what’s possible for you – Read Article

5 ways to keep fit in 2020 if you have a disability

Para-athlete Victoria Baskett, who has a club foot, classified as a T44 para-athlete more than two years ago. But, despite being an athlete, keeping fit and training isn’t easy, even for her. She explains the 5 ways in which you can keep fit, even in your busy day-to-day life and with certain limitations – Read Article