Calderdale Council Budget Consultation

Calderdale Council has published its new budget proposals and the general public has four weeks in which to feed back on them. Below is the Council’s own statement of the funding and their information on the consultation process. As ever, social care and other issues that directly affect people with disabilities are a key part of the budget. This is our chance to make sure that our voices are heard.

Council Budget Consultation Information

There are extreme budget pressures in the current year. In particular, around:

  • demands on children’s services that have lead to an increase in numbers and the cost of looked after children;
  • and an increase in demand for home care and complex care needs on all age disability.

To give a balanced and sustainable position moving forward, we are taking steps to address some of these pressures. We will provide a further:

  • £2.5m to Adult social care;
  • £1m to Children’s social care.

However, even after this investment and other planned savings, we must still reduce costs by:

  • £0.7m in 2020/21;
  • £2.8m in 2021/22;
  • £3.6m in 2022/23.

This year’s budget is less certain than normal. This is because we do not know the level and distribution of local government funding beyond 2020 yet. So, Cabinet’s proposals look to balance the books next year.

On Monday the 13th January 2020, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet met and agreed its budget plans to 2022/23. This budget builds on the work done so far. It offers a way to deliver savings with the minimum impact on services to residents. This is by:

  • reducing some of the cost of the region’s transport improvement programme;
  • having to pay less into our pension fund due to its healthy financial position. This will not affect our staff members’ pension benefits;
  • replacing the proposed council funding of market town improvements with Government funding that has been announced for:
    • Elland;
    • Halifax;
    • Sowerby Bridge;
    • Todmorden;
    • and Brighouse.

Cabinet’s consultation budget uses the funding from Government next year. It will also need to increase Council Tax by 3.99% (including the social care precept) to do this.

What are the Budget Proposal details?

For full details, which include the savings proposals and initial Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs), please read:

Our priorities

When future funding for local government is more certain, we will use Calderdale Conversations to inform on our priorities:

  • Reduce the causes of deprivation and inequalities. We will:
    • target resources for the most vulnerable people;
    • improve the supply of decent and affordable housing;
    • and make the streets safer.

    The Capital Programme includes £4m investment in a council development company to help drive the supply of housing.

  • Act on the climate emergency. We are spending:
    • £22m on the replacement of street lights with LEDs;
    • re-fitting council buildings to make them more energy efficient;
    • and developing a business case for a potential district heating scheme.

    Further action will be reported during the year, which will include our tree planting project.

  • Develop sustainable towns. We will use Government funds for future high streets, town deals and historic high streets. This will develop links with communities and businesses to build more sustainable towns across the borough.

How you can give us your comments

We will also consult with:

  • partners in the voluntary and community sectors;
  • bodies that represent vulnerable groups;
  • and the business community.

How long will the consultation run?

This will be four weeks:

  • start Tuesday 14th January;
  • end Monday 10th February.

We urge all stakeholders to comment on the proposals. If you can think of better ways to “balance the books”, then we want to hear what they are.

When will the final decision be made?

  • Monday 24th February 2020 at the Annual Budget Council meeting (6pm start).