Halifax’s New Bus Station – Consultation

Disability Partnership Calderdale was recently invited to attend an access consultation meeting at which the plans for the new Halifax bus station were made available for comment and feedback, particularly from the view of people with disabilities.

There will be public consultation opportunities in Halifax in the New Year and we will let you know when and where these are.

In the meantime, we’d like to share a first plan/image of the proposed layout. We were impressed with the design, which eliminates many of the problems of the current bus station, including numerous steep ramps and the need to cross traffic lanes to access bus shelters. The new design has been carefully planned to feature slopes no steeper than 1 in 30. It also centralises all bus departure points under the roof of one building, which should make accessing a bus a safer and less stressful process.

We were able to speak to the architect for the new design and he was clearly aware of many of the access issues experienced by people with disabilities. However, we will be urging members to take part in the consultation process in 2020 to emphasise that access for all is essential. We will keep you up to date!