Quiet Please!

Quiet Please – is a timely plea to all cafes, pubs and shops for a peaceful and quiet festive season from Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum (HBDAF). Here they spell out the reasons why a quiet environment is important

Please remember that lots of people are disabled due to hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, chronic illness, mental health issues, dementia or autism. Many of us can function better, and feel better, in a quiet environment. Please consider turning down, or turning off, your background music. Lots of people will enjoy this and you will get more customers!

When HBDAF updates its Hebden Bridge Access Map and Guide in Spring 2020, we hope to include a new category of Q for Quiet, to indicate places without background music, to help people choose suitable places to visit.

HBDAF meets on the third Monday of each month at 2.30 to 4.30pm in Hebden Bridge Town Hall. We love to welcome new members with any kind of disability or health condition. Please join us on Monday 16 th December, or contact us on sechbdisabilityaccess@gmail.com phone 01422 844914.

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