National Inclusion Week Event

Invisible and Unvoiced – are you culturally curious?

Calderdale Council’s Workforce Development team is planning to host two events during National Inclusion Week that include an opportunity for individuals to share their “living diversity stories” – with groups: the first event is – Monday 23rd September, 9.30-12.30 and the second – Friday 27th September, 9.30-12.30. Venue for both: Heath Calderdale Adult Learning Campus. You can take part in one or both.

Workforce Development want representatives from diverse backgrounds to share their story with small groups of participants in a style similar to reverse mentoring. So for example…

  • What’s it like living in your shoes?
  • What are some of the experiences you have had – good and/or bad?
  • What can we learn from your experiences?
  • What makes a difference for you?

The representative would share their story for 5-10 mins with a group of 6-8 participants, who then have opportunity to ask respectful questions around the aspect of culture/characteristic that is being represented. Groups then move onto the next table and another story is shared. This means the representative would have to share their story five times with the different groups as they move around the tables.

Objectives of session:

  • An opportunity to understand how others are different or similar to you;
  • Practice becoming more comfortable asking respectful questions about different aspects of culture;
  • A purposeful, focused attempt to build understanding around difference;
  • An opportunity to develop greater cultural self- awareness and empathy;
  • Discuss examples of how unconscious bias really affects people’s lives and reflect on what you could do differently to begin to mitigate bias.

If you would like to take part and would be happy to share your story around one of the aspects around faith/belief, disability/hidden disability, gender reassignment, race or sexual orientation, please contact 288357 for more information.