Helping With Accessibility Audits

Disability Partnership Calderdale is currently a partner in the Accessible Calderdale project which will help improve and map accessibility across the whole area.

However, the organisation also provides an accessibility consultation service for one-off projects, such as the Piece Hall refurbishment. We can help with initial planning as well as visiting projects during the building process. We also re-visit projects after they have been opened to the public and help with any tweaks or detail changes that are required.


Our trustees represent a wide range of physical and sensory disabilities and can provide expert input on various angles of accessibility, including wheelchair access and the needs of guide dogs.

Our most recent consultation was at Bradford’s National Science and Media Museum. Amy Harbour, Project Manager at the Museum asked us to come along and look at three cinemas within their building, with a view to improving accessibility to them.

Amy was previously Operations Director at the Piece Hall project and we didn’t hesitate to help her out when she issued the invitation to visit the Museum.

We will be sending Amy a report on our visit and look forward to continuing to help her with the work at the Museum.

If you’d like us to help with an accessibility project contact us via