NHS Long Term Plan & Local Response

What is the Long Term Plan?

Health and care leaders came together to develop a Long Term Plan to make the NHS fit for the future, and to get the most value for people out of every pound of taxpayers’ investment. The Plan, which was published on Monday 7 January, has been drawn up by frontline health and care staff, patient groups and other experts.

NHS Long Term Plan – EasyRead | NHS Long Term Plan – audio version

What does the Long Term Plan mean for people in West Yorkshire and Harrogate?

Healthwatch and its partners from across the area held conversations with people to get their views on the development of the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Care Partnership’s five year plan in response to the NHS Long Term Plan. The Partnership’s plan will set out their ambitions for the next five years and also identify any work needed to align to the NHS Long Term Plan.

Healthwatch were commissioned by NHS England to coordinate and support this work. Two surveys were made available via Healthwatch, and a series of focus groups were run in our local areas, looking at digitisation, personalisation (and many other aspects of health care) and wider relevant local long-term plan priorities.

Healthwatch have now produced a report which they have shared with Healthwatch England and the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Care Partnership. A copy of the report is available to read here.

Read or download the full version of the Healthwatch Long Term Plan engagement report

Read or download a summary of the Healthwatch Long Term Plan engagement report

The West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Care Partnership welcomed the report – you can download the Partnership’s official response the report here, and read what local health and care leaders have to say about the report here.

This important work will help Healthwatch to identify future areas of engagement at a local and West Yorkshire and Harrogate level and will complement the work already taking place, as set out in our engagement and consultation mapping work (and see their engagment mapping work for personalisation and digitisation here).


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