Mobility Equipment Charity

My AFK is a charity that provides wheelchairs, specialist trikes and other mobility equipment for people aged 0 to 25 years old.

Through their Mobility Equipment Scheme, they are able to provide specialist mobility equipment not available on the NHS. they accept applications for mobility equipment from (or on behalf of) children and young people up to their 25th birthday.

The right piece of equipment can mean the difference between playing with friends or being left out; continuing your studies or being held back; living on your own or relying on family, friends and carers.

The mobility equipment they provide doesn’t just help children and young people with disabilities move more easily – it allows them to build muscle strength, play safely, socialise with their peers, access education and employment opportunities, gain confidence and become more independent. In short, this equipment changes lives.

To apply for equipment, get in touch with their team:

Tel: 020 8347 8111