Introducing Skillshop

Established in September 2005, Skillshop is a Halifax-based registered charity that provides specialised training for adults with learning disabilities in a caring environment. The objectives are to improve people’s self-esteem, confidence and personal development and break down social isolation. People will have more fulfilling lives, be less reliant on staff and have developed some independent social networks and friendships.

SkillShop provides

  • An opportunity for people with learning difficulties and disabilities to develop life skills i.e. personal, social and practical skills, enabling them to reach their full potential in many important aspects of life.
  • The opportunity to develop and improve numeracy and literacy skills.
  • A practical course in Healthy Living and Personal Hygiene issues.Experience in various aspects of art.
  • Opportunity to develop woodwork skills.
  • IT sessions where clients can learn basic computer skills.
  • Training in basic kitchen skills and hygiene, baking, preparing meals and drinks.
  • Social opportunities outside working hours with the Saturday Club, Diners’ Club, Bowling Nights, visits to the theatre etc.
  • A welcoming, happy and caring environment where clients can feel comfortable and safe.
  • Fully qualified staff with many years’ experience of life, industry and education.

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