Couples’ Counselling Service

Are you aware of difficulties in your relationship and wanting to work towards a solution in a safe environment? Perhaps couples counselling would really help?

Relationship specialists, Insight, see couples of all ages, mixed or same sex, living together or apart. They offer up to six hourly sessions, held either weekly or fortnightly.

Also referred to as relationship counselling, couples counselling is where both partners talk in private with a specially trained counsellor. Insight have both male and female couples counsellors.

The aims include helping a couple to see their relationship more objectively, its strengths not just its weaknesses. Shifting the focus away from criticisms and complaints (the all too familiar ‘blame game’) a couple learn how to communicate in a more constructive way, learn why their arguments escalate the way they do.

You can self-refer, or go through your GP. Once you get in touch Insight take some brief details and look to arrange assessment appointments, for each of you (these are usually done over the phone, but can be face to face if you prefer, and last about 45 minutes). If you feel this is something Insight could help with, why not get in touch:

T. 0300 555 0191 F. 0300 555 0151

17 Carlton Street, Halifax, HX1 2AL