Disabled Living Info Leaflets

Disabled Living have a number of Information leaflets to assist you when considering purchasing equipment. Visit their website to download any of the leaflets listed below:

Information for Mobility Problems
Walking sticks, frames, wheeled walkers, wheelchairs and scooters also ramps and stair lifts. Learn more about mobility in the document below.

Eating and Drinking Equipment
Outlines various equipment to help with eating and drinking and food preparation options. Learn more about eating and drinking equipment in the document below.

Explains about the different types of chairs and chair accessories that can help make sitting and rising from a chair easier. Learn more about chairs in the document below.

Personal Care
Outlines various options available for showering, bathing and toileting. This section also provides a link to the PromoCon website. Learn more about personal care in the document below.

You will find information on the Paediatric equipment and support services. Learn more about paediatrics in the document below.

Explains about the different types of beds and accessories. Learn more about beds in the document below.

Moving and Handling
Legislation is constantly changing about Moving & Handling people-hoists, slings and slide sheets offer good safe practice. This section also provides a link to the Disabled Living Training Diary page. Learn more about moving and handling in the document below.

  • Disabled Living is a registered charity and a leading organisation for the provision of information and advice about equipment and services for disabled children and adults, older people, their families and carers.