Disability – National Survey Insights

The Family Resources Survey (FRS) is a continuous household survey, run by the government, which collects information on a representative sample of private households in the United Kingdom.

Detailed information is recorded on respondents’ income from all sources; housing tenure; caring needs and responsibilities; disability; expenditure on housing; education; pension scheme participation; childcare; family circumstances; child maintenance.

This report summarises key findings from the FRS for the 2015/16 financial year when over 19,000 households were interviewed.

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A couple of snippets from the survey might interest you:

“Twenty-one per cent (13.3 million) of people reported a disability in 2015/16,
an increase from 19 per cent (11.9 million) in 2013/14. Most of the change
over the two years came from an increase in working-age adults reporting a
disability (16 to 18 per cent).”

“Sixty-eight per cent of State Pension age adults reported a mobility impairment compared to 21 per cent of children. Working-age adults were most likely to report mental health impairments: 32 per cent of disabled working age adults reported a mental health impairment compared to 9 per cent of those over State Pension age. Children were much more likely to report learning or social/behavioural impairments than adults. Thirty-six per cent of disabled children reported a learning impairment and 42 per cent reported a social/behavioural impairment.”