Crime Prevention and Home Security

West Yorkshire Police have offered some advice on crime prevention and home security in a number of leaflets that can be downloaded;

A summary of the information is as follows;

Love your locks. You deserve the highest standard

  • Are the cylinder locks on your uPVC doors up to standard?
  • Do they stick out from the door handle?
  • Is the door handle secure?

Sneak in burglars want what’s yours. Always lock your doors and windows

  • “I’ll lock the door when I’ve finished my tea”
  • “We just lock the door before we go to bed”
  • “I just leave my bags and laptop by the door when I get in”

Sound familiar?

Patio doors or a shop window to your home?

  • Are your patio doors a bit secluded?
  • Are they as secure as they could be?
  • Do you leave attractive items on view through them?

Car security

  • Is your car your pride and joy?
  • The biggest purchase after your house?
  • Are you doing everything yo can to secure and protect it?

Burglary protection advice. Put it out of sight, locked up day & night

  • “I was in a rush to get out”
  • “I’ll just move the stuff when I get back in”
  • “Nobody is really going to look through the window when I’m out are they?”