Wheelchair Safety Checklist

RS Components Safety Checklist For Wheelchair Users

This offers lots of helpful information – View The Full Checklist & Tips

A sample of the advice on this very comprehensive guide is below, their section on Stairways & Corridors

  • Handrails must be installed correctly, and comfortably able to support the full weight of the user
  • This means they should never be bolted or screwed into any wall covering or plasterwork that cannot itself support this weight, and the fixtures themselves must also come up to standard
  • Leave enough space between handrails and walls to allow for a full and firm grip around the entire circumference of the rail at all points
  • On staircases, allow additional length of handrails beyond the first and last step, to provide support once the user reaches the top and bottom of the steps
  • Pay particular attention to lighting in stairways and corridors; both must be brightly lit in all areas, and any excessive glare or shadowing created by decor should be avoided
  • Always keep stairways and corridors clear at floor level along their entire length
  • Stair treads and risers should be of an appropriate height/width to accommodate a full footprint without having to stretch or overextend
  • Avoid placing mats, rugs, runners or other loose textiles at the top and bottom of staircases or along corridors, where they could cause slips or tripping hazards

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