Wheelchair Tech

We live in an age where rapidly advancing technology and a very active retail culture combine to regularly bring us new models and new designs of many of the gadgets we rely on.

However, a new report has claimed that investment and innovation for the development of assistive technologies for people with limited mobility is needed (read the full article).

An international study of wheelchair users by ComRes on behalf of the Toyota Mobility Foundation shows that mobility devices can cause discomfort and pain.

The research polled wheelchair users in five countries and showed that 90% of users in the UK have experienced pain and discomfort as a result of their mobility devices. More so, every day half said they experience back pain, 32% said they experience shoulder pain, 26% experience neck pain and 21% constantly experience back pain. The study also found that wheelchair users in the UK experience repetitive strain injury (RSI) and pressure sores (32% and 23% respectively).

The study also shows that over half (51%) of UK wheelchair users need assistance to travel to destination, while 46% say they have been unable to find an accessible toilet when needed.

Furthermore, 29% of UK wheelchair users reported having to wait for multiple buses or trains to pass before one had space to accommodate them, while nearly a quarter (23%) say they have been declined entry on to public transport.

Over a quarter of those surveyed said they have felt frustrated because the design of their mobility device felt outdated.


It looks like wheelchair users might be set to benefit from range of innovative new wheelchair designs are currently being assessed. We came across them browsing online the other day and thought we’d share them with you (Read the full article):

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