Disability Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to keep tabs on a subject that’s of particular interest to you. they often contain greater detail and more personal content than radio shows, TV programmes and other forms of popular media. They are also less bound by the constraints of fixed time limits and other broadcasting norms.

Many podcasts can be found online or via your smartphone or tablet’s podcast app.

Here are a couple of suggestions with their own slants on disability and the lives of disabled people:

  • “Ouch!” is the BBC’s disability podcast. It features interviews and discussion with a personal and often humorous touch.  You can access it via the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02r6yqw/episodes/player Or simply search for “Ouch” on your smartphone or tablet podcast app!
  • Disability MattersCompetitive employment and empowerment for people with disabilities is the emphasis of this show. Broadcast live and captioned in real-time for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, we discuss how people with disabilities can secure career opportunities, and how employers, organizations and individuals can support employment and empowerment of people with disabilities.

Access many more disability-related podcasts via the website https://player.fm – simply create a free account to search for a play hundreds of different podcasts via your laptop, computer or tablet – here are some of the disability podcasts we found: https://player.fm/en/podcasts/disability