Applying For Council Tax Disability Reduction

Disabled people are entitled to a reduction in Council Tax and the Calderdale Council allows you to make an application for a reduction online.

Fill in the form on the Calderdale Council website

They offer the following Guidance Notes which are well worth reading before you make your application:

  1. The application form must be filled in by the person named on the Council Tax Bill.
  2. The disabled person must have his or her main residence at the address given in the application.
  3. Reductions will only apply where the Council is satisfied that the adaptations claimed for are provided and required for meeting the needs of the disabled person.
  4. Someone from the Council will arrange to visit the property to confirm the details of the claim. To help us make these arrangements you will need to give your telephone number.

Council Tax (Reduction for Disabilities) Regulations 1992

  1. The disabled person can be a person of any age who resides at the property and is substantially and permanently disabled (whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise).
  2. The space or room must be essential or of major importance to the well-being of the disabled person, because of the nature and extent of his or her disability.
  3. Where a reduction is granted, the Council Tax liability will be calculated as if the property was in the band below that attributed to the Valuation List. For example a property show in band ‘C’ would be charged as if it was in band ‘B’ for the duration of the disabled person’s residence at the address.
  4. Properties in band ‘A’ will be entitled to a reduction of 1/9th of the amount set for a band ‘D’ property (from 1st April 2000).

Fill in the form on the Calderdale Council website