The Complete Care Shop

As well as a great selection of products to make your life easier, The Complete Care Shop also has a section dedicated to various guides:

Information Guides

Here’s an example – their guide to chairs contains some really handy tips and information that it might not even occur to you to ask about –

Features to Consider

  • Removable arms – to facilitate side transfers.
  • Infill panels under the arms – to exclude draughts and retain heat.
  • Angled seat – a slight forward tilt on static chairs can make it easier for the user to rise.
  • Wheels – having the chair set on wheels or a mobile base makes it possible to relocate the user without their having to stand or make a transfer.
  • Chair raisers – a higher seat often makes it easier to stand and sit down so, rather than buying a new chair, consider an inexpensive set of chair raisers – simple blocks that fit under the chair legs.
  • Seat raisers – an alternative to raising the whole chair is to raise the seat with a simple cushion or a lifting seat. However, this will tent to raise the seat nearer to the top of the chair’s arms so check that this does not make the seat unstable or unsafe.