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Did you know that Yorkshire Water operate a priority services register – whether it’s additional support if you’ve got no water, help reading your bills, providing your bills in different font sizes or in braille, or if you just need a bit of help to pay your bill.

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Your water supply

If Yorkshire Water plan to interrupt your water supply, they can help you:

  • – If you wouldn’t be able to read a letter, they can telephone you or visit to let you know in advance.
  • – If you have difficulty hearing they can send you a postcard or letter or inform you by text
  • – If you have a serious illness or disability they can help you to obtain temporary water supplies.
  • – If you’re a home dialysis patient, please let them know.

They can also provide advice about making taps and appliances in your home easier to use, and give you information about your water quality.


They can help you by sending your bill, or other information:

– in large print
– in Braille
– in audio format (CD or over the phone)
– to a nominated friend or family member.

Keeping you safe

Bogus callers may try to trick you by saying there’s an urgent problem with your water. Yorkshire Water recommend that you set up a free security password in advance, so that you can confirm the identity of anyone calling at your home and claiming to be from Yorkshire Water. If you’d like to register, please call them on 0800 1 38 78 78.

For your own safety, always ask for proof of identification. All Yorkshire Water’s Colleagues and Service Partners will carry identity cards displaying the holder’s photograph. If you’re in any doubt you can contact them to check whether a caller is genuine, quoting the employee number printed on their identity card.

Sign Up To Priority Services