Fee-Free Bank Accounts

Getting a fee-free basic bank account is a good option for anyone having trouble getting a standard account.

Fee-free basic bank accounts are designed for people who don’t have a bank account or don’t qualify for a standard current account.

This could be because you haven’t been able to build up a credit history or maybe you have a poor credit history because of money problems and want to use a fee-free basic bank account until you qualify for a standard current account again.

Fee-free basic bank accounts offer fewer services than a standard current account and you can’t use an overdraft. But you can:

  • Have your wages, benefits and other income paid into your account
  • Pay in money and cheques for free (as long as they’re not in a foreign currency)
  • Take out money over the counter or from a cash machine
  • Pay regular bills by Direct Debit or standing order
  • Check account balances over the counter, at a cash machine, online or on your mobile
  • Use a debit card to pay for things in shops and online

Read more about fee-free basic bank accounts on the Money Advice Service website, where you can also access a lot more impartial financial advice.