Report: 2018 AGM & Meeting

The Disability Partnership Calderdale Chair, Marion Spruce reports on the organisation’s 27 March 2018 meeting, which also incorporated the organization’s AGM.

27 March 2018 Meeting Report by Marion Spruce (Chair)

Our main meeting on Tuesday 27th March was extremely interesting and informative. At 5pm people started arriving to enjoy a beautiful buffet by our King Centre caterers.

Council Elections: Our first speaker of the night was Ian Gledhill, Calderdale’s Electoral Outreach Officer. He came to advise us about the coming local elections, and what to do if we needed help in voting, or registering for a postal vote. We have posted a video of Ian’s presentation on our Youtube Channel.

Answering Your PIP Questions: Our second guest speakers were Jackie Codman Partnership Support Manager and Qudeer Hussain, who answered questions about Department of Works and Pensions benefits. They took members’ questions about Personal Independant Payments, (PIP). We had previously asked our members to place their questions on paper so that we had a representative cross-section of concerns from our membership.

We videoed this segment of the meeting and you can see some of the questions and answers in a special series of videos we have produced.

Break: We then had a short refreshments break and a free raffle draw.

The Disability Partnership Calderdale AGM

The second part of our evening was given up to our AGM. The minutes of the AGM in 2017 was accepted as a true account of that AGM. We listened to the Chair’s Report and Reports from the Secretary and Treasurer. There were no changes to our existing committee other than the welcome addition of Jonathan Knowles. At this point the AGM was concluded.

Board of Trustees for April 2018 – March 2019

Chair – Marion Spruce
Secretary – Malcolm Kielty
Treasurer – Geraldine Rushton
Vice-chair(s) – Carol Butler & Johnathon Knowles
Ordinary trustees: David Ashton, Shabir Hussain, Teresa Kinsey, Peter Melling, Mark Wardel

Any other Business: Cllr. Bob Metcalfe told us that we were to be approached by the council with regard to North Bridge Leisure Centre and the proposals for the New Swimming Baths. He said that he had told Committee that our Organisation ought to be involved in the Planning. Speaking on behalf of Disability Partnership Calderdale, I agreed that this was something we should be involved in, and that we will be pleased to look at the plans from a disabled person’s point of view.

The meeting was closed at 7.35pm.