Report: Our January open meeting

By Marion Spruce of Disability Partnership Calderdale

Dear Readers.

Our main meeting on Tuesday 29th January, was extremely interesting and informative. At 5pm people started arriving to enjoy a beautiful buffet by our new caterers who run the cafe at the Kings Centre, who were once again our hosts for the evening.

Our first speaker of the was Kirsty Mcleod, from the All Age Disability Services. She came to listen to our concerns about traveling in Calderdale via Taxi. At the end of a good discussion, it was good to hear that she would take some considerable concerns expressed by our membership to the local Taxi Licencing people.

Our second speaker was Andrew Liles from Together Housing. He spoke about the understandable concerns some people have had for their safety following the disaster at Grenfell Towers, last summer. He helped to allay our fears and also discussed the changes that had been made in Calderdale since the disaster.

We then had a comfort break and a free raffle draw of a £5 shopping voucher.

Our third speaker of the evening was Hanif Mohammed who spoke to us about affordable heating. He also handed out information leaflets, and agreed to visit anyone to do a bill check to ensure that people are paying the correct charges for their heating.

Then finally we had Sail Suleman and Councillor Bob Metcalfe from Calderdale Council. They talked about the Council’s budget for 2019/20, where they are facing 40% cuts but also an increase in demand. To offer you input on the council’s budget plans, see our recent news story – Council Budget – Have Your Say

As ever it was a great evening – to find out more about our meetings and when they are, visit our Open Meetings Page

March’s meeting is on Tuesday 27th and will include a visit from representatives of the Department For Work and Pensions, who are coming to talk to us about PIP (Personal Independence Payment). Please come along if you have any burning questions that you would like to ask them. Please note that our speakers come in their own time to give us information. It doesn’t mean that they possibly agree with it, but are just coming to impart knowledge. It should be a lively meeting.