Disabled People and Sport in England

According to a new report, on average 43% of people with a disability participated in sport activities for over 150 minutes a week in year ending May 2017. This was more than 20 percentage points lower compared to 65% of those with no disability.

Among individuals with one impairment 33% were inactive and over 50% participated in sport actively (150+ minutes a week). In contrast, over 50% of those with three or more impairment were inactive and around 36% active in year ending May 2017.

The proportion of those participating in sport activities fairly actively (between 30 and 149 minutes a week) was similar across all groups.

Disabled in sport in 2005/06 and in 2015/16
The Active People Survey data suggest that around 17% of people with disability participated in sport at least once a week between 2005/06 and 2015/16. This compares with under 40% of people with no disability over the same period.

there was a statistically significant increase of over 1.5 percentage points across both groups. Once a week participation of disabled people increased from just over 15% in 2005/06 to around 17% in 2015/16

These statistics come from a broader report taken from Sport England statistics and called Sport Participation in England