Cooking, Eating & Drinking Advice

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) is a national charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living.

Their website is a big resource of useful information and well worth a visit.

In particular, the AskSARA section ( has some useful hints and tips sections.

A good example is the Preparing meals, eating & drinking section, which has several sub-sections dedicated to some really basic tasks that can be made easier with a bit of thought – follow the links for more info on their website:

Preparing food: A range of ideas and products that can help with preparing food. Includes advice on peeling, grating, cutting, slicing, weighing food, working at the sink or worktop and draining saucepans.

Opening jars, tins, packages or bottles: A range of ideas and products that may help with opening jars, bottles, tins or packages.

Preparing drinks: A range of ideas and products that can help with preparing drinks including advice on filling and pouring the kettle.

Eating and drinking: A wide range of products and ideas for managing eating and drinking more easily and independently.

Washing up: Ideas which may help to make using the sink and washing-up easier.